Cooperative. Buying. Power

Discover the cooperative buying power of SPC!

Purchasing Power of SPC
If you could improve the quality of your reprographic equipment and your service while saving money, would that interest you? This appraisal provides a sample of 55 school districts. Our RFP's go directly to the manufacturers for an average of 1,100 machines annually. Feel free to call our references that are listed!
*Cost savings includes our Compensation and Services!
Reliability and Cost Savings are achieved by three main steps:
1: Right sizing the equipment   2: Cooperative buying directly through manufacturers   3: Asset management throughout the life
SPC's Equipment Cost: Our recent Bids with are coming in at 15-23%+ of Retail. For example, an 85 CPM High End Copier that is retailing for $41,564 would come in at $6,575. That is 16% of Retail!
Please contact Alex Webster for more information: 1-800-750-1538 ext. 7