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SPC’s Dual-Layered Warranty

Printing fleet equipment is expensive and does not hold its value. Therefore, it is crucial for you and the banking industry holding the collateral to secure this asset.

Our unique Dual-Layered Warranty guarantees a like-for-like no-charge replacement unit in the event of equipment not performing satisfactorily.

1. Servicing Vendor; implemented in 1988
2. ESP Electrical; implemented in 2007, all photocopiers with such units will be warranted from electrical damage by ESP.

ESPs (Electronic Surge Protectors) with our most recent upgrades are being installed by SPC on 40 CPM units and faster in order to cut down on approximately 30% of all service calls. These units will not only protect from electrical surges but will also filter out electronic noise that creates havoc with boards and the operation of your equipment.

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