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Reliability and Cost Savings are achieved by three main steps:

1: Right sizing the equipment

2: Cooperative buying directly through manufacturers: Our recent Bids are coming in at 15-23%+ of Retail. For example, an 85 CPM High End Copier that is retailing for $41,564 would come in at $6,575. That is 16% of Retail!

3: Asset management throughout the life SPC's Equipment Cost

SPCs Guarantee to our clients

SPC guarantees to improve the quality of your equipment and service as well as lower the cost of obtaining and operating reprographic equipment, even after SPC’s fees have been included in the new total cost. If SPC fails to achieve this, SPC will terminate our Contract, refund SPC’s retainer received from Client, and provide an additional $500.00 check to Client to cover any loss of time on Client’s part.


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