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FAQ: How does SPC gain the FULL cooperation of Manufacturers?

SPC Trust Challenge

In 1989, when SPC began doing business, the challenge was, How can you cut into the profits of large companies, while at the same time get their full cooperation?


Initially, we had to assure the vendor that they would benefit financially in the long run. True, they would not make as much profit on a single client, but they would benefit from the sheer volume from both Equipment and Service/Supplies. We offer the manufacturer approximately 1,200 machines each year, which is far greater than what they gain on an individual client. SPC purchases printers and copiers for 20% of the K-12 market in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont as well as our commercial accounts (about 230 million prints annually). To appreciate the potential, SPC’s Cooperative Buying Group equals the K-12 student population for the entire State of Vermont, 89,000 Students!


That being said, it cannot be all about SPC. TRUST is built over time. Here is what we bring to the table with the manufacturers in addition to offering them new business:


1) We keep our word!

When SPC made promises they kept them, even when it cost us financially. Example: Mediating warranty issues in sensitive locations even if we had to pay for a replacement machine ourselves!


2) We deliver as expected!

When we deliver on our promises in a timely and complete manner, confidence is gained. Example: Each year SPC collects meter reads on all the equipment. Then we collect the funds for the vendor so that they do not need to chase down the revenue. Those funds are released immediately to the vendors. This saves them thousands of hours!


3) We follow through on actions requested by Vendors!

People depend on us. Work is a process, and each step involves another person. Example: Once the vendors submit a bid to the client, SPC carries it through the various steps from presenting to the client, presenting the package to their board, preparing the leasing and, when the board approves the proposal, being there when the machines roll off the truck and assisting the vendor during the install. And… Getting paid from the bank!


4) We trust in ourselves!We trust what we do and how we are doing it. Since 1989, we have worked with over 15 different vendors and manufacturers. Some have been partners with SPC for over 20 years! This builds confidence with the vendors that we will deliver!


As a result, manufacturers have turned over to SPC their entire organizational team including their warehousing, service and sales!

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